Sleep or lack of it

Been a week since I decided ,though most foolishly to stop taking ceroxat( take it to control heat flushes). Bad idea ,I tell you.Always take your doctor's advice before discontinuing any medications.

Felt like my head was enveloped in a huge cloud and the throbbing boom boom.Not only that the nausea and the other common side effects of flu like symptoms! Moral to self: DO NOT STOP MEDICATIONS on your own...

After a Reiki session last night courtesy of my sweet sister Suzanne , slept well and woke up much better than the previous days...

We do not realize how important sleep is and especially sleep during night time.Have you noticed how you feel when you get a good nights sleep and how bad you feel when you stay up all night and sleep during the day?

As God says in Surat Al Furqan verse 47" And He it is Who makes the night as a robe for you; and sleep as repose, and makes the day (as if) a Resurrection. "

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