I guess we all have them.But does these regrets stem from decisions that we choose to make for the benefit of others or the actions that we took ourselves?

My mom has been living with me since November 2014 and had her ups and downs here .She decided that she wanted to travel back to see my other sister who lives away.She traveled but she got sick.......Could be stress related as there were a lot of issues when she got there .Our environment does play a part on our mental and physical well being but everything does happen for a reason. I always believe in that no matter how sad it can be at times.

I'm writing this blog fighting back the tears,trying to tell myself that I made the right decision when I agreed with mom when she said she needs to go back to see her other grandchildren and her daughter.

She is there now and I am here. I guess it is my sister's turn to spend time with mom.


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