People people people. We come across so many different people out there from all walks of life,nationalities and religions .Some we get along with and some we do not.Some we pretend we get along with only for the sake of the family or for work.

We hate our partners but we can not leave them,our kids are too young. So you hold on and wait it out till the kids are grown up but at what cost,your health? Your sanity?

At work, your supervisor is a slave driver,always at your back making you work beyond your limit but what can you do,you need the job.

You witness racial discrimination and class discrimination but you can not speak out for fear of losing your job.

Every day someone is going through something of the above.

Its sad that we can not treat each other as how we want to be treated.If we could life would be so much pleasant for many.

The main ingredient is kindness to others,thats all it takes just being a nice human being and showing consideration for others.

Husbands treat their wives like property ,as part of the furniture and there are wives who accept this just because they do not want to rock the boat or are incapable of making a change due to the narcissistic nature of their husbands.

However on thing is certain ,everyone will get their just reward. How you treat someone in your life,one day you will get the same done to you......KARMA..........

I am living proof of someone who has gone through so much(to be discussed at a later date) and with patience and perseverance Im getting there to a better place.

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