One year later from my last post Regrets.

My last post was on whether I had any regrets agreeing to let me mom go back to Yemen to see the family.

No I do not .

Things turned out as how Allah planned.

My mom went back and that was her final resting place on this planet.

Mom passed away July 23rd 2019 at 8:25 pm after being in a semi coma due to final stage liver failure.

I am grateful that she was unaware that she was terminally sick because that would have been too hard for her to handle. My mom and I were very close. She was the other love of my life apart from my daughter. In fact mom was our love of our lives, my daughter and I.She was our best friend.

It was only later that my friend told me that mom had mentioned that she wanted to die in Yemen.

Death is but a bridge to get to the other life.

Mom is happier I know.I feel it in my soul and I am grateful that God chose to let her leave this life from Yemen.

I would not have been able to handle it if she passed away from here. She was back in her homeland despite not living there for many years. It still was home.

I have never felt inner peace within me and a closeness to God until my mom had left. Maybe it's because I know she is with HIM.

Mom left me with a legacy and that is the prayers. For the past year I try my best do pray all the obligatory prayers the Sunnah prayers the nawafil the Tahhajud and the witr prayers just as my mom had done.

Al hamdillah . I am at peace despite the other issues in my life. I am spiritually and emotionally at peace.

May mom rest on peace and may Allah grant me the gift of seeing her again .

I love you mom Always.

Ameen .

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