Its now or never

They say Im too quick in many things in my life.

Maybe I was too quick in my decision to get married,but then if I did not take that decsion I would not have had my lovely 4 kids .Sometimes the choices we make work out in the long run and the trick is to wait it out.Patience is ,I believe the best trait a person can have.Without that amazing gift we would give up on so many things way too quickly.

God says that HE is with the patient ones.

Patience got me through the last 13 years since 2006( when my life took an unexpected turn)till today 14th June 2019. I waited it out and now I am my own person.I am responsible for myself and I am not indebted to anyone.

Karma played her part and what goes around will even tally come around and thank fully I have come out on top whereas the other person has not( to be discussed later).

These decisions that we take in life should always be thought of carefully without blindly rushing into them.

I took such a decision when I left a job that I loved, teaching Kindergartens,I moved into another line of business which did not work out for me however the good thing that came out from that is that I learnt so much in the form of web designing and marketing and have found that I have a passion in designing media materials. If I had not taken that decision to leave my previous job I would not have found that out.

I have been given a chance to do new things and I will take those opportunities because no matter how things will turn out,we will always learn something new.

So it is now or never and for me it is Now.

Good night....

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