Doctor Day

There is no shame in visiting a psychiatrist for any reason. What's a shame is that it still holds a stigma in our part of the world..Middle East and Asia.

Mental health is as important as our physical health and it actually can be more important. What we feel emotionally can affect our physical well being.

A word of advise from a mom to other parents Listen to your children when they complain on and on about not being able to concentrate at school. I didnt pay attention until they were in high school. I just put it aside as normal kid behaviour.The fact that no one of the teachers noticed that they had Adhd.They put it down to kids will be kids.

I will say this, after starting medication I saw a 360 degree change in behaviour and school work.They began to improve tremendously.

There should be more awareness about ADHD. Keep in mind there are 2 types,passive and active. My kids were passive which means that they could sit for a while unlike active ADHD where the child cant sit still for more than 5 minutes.

I'm off to see my doctor for refills for a medication that helps with some symptoms that I get as a result of medication I'm taking.

Just remember Listen listen and listen to tour children

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