Daughter in the womb

In 2000 I was pregnant.Okay I had 3 boys by that time and when I found out I was pregnant,I said to myself please God pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee let it be a girl please!!

If it turned out to be a boy I would still be happy but deep inside. I really wanted my fourth kid to be a girl.

There was a well known gyno at that time in Sharjah. Her name was Dr Gill ,she was an icon in her field and we knew her from forever.

Believe it or not,she had her private clinic in the small village that I grew up in ,in the UK. Cleadon Village,up in the north of the UK in Tyneside,Geordie Land.

Anyway back to the topic.I visited her when I was 2 months pregnant and she told me yes.most probably that I was pregnant with a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The feeling that I had at that moment was a feeling that has stayed with me until today.Its a feeling of pure euphoria and happiness.I have had joys in my life but nothing has ever compared to that feeling.

Just wanted to share that with you.

Around 14 years ago

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