Covid 19

2020 The year started out on a very unsettling note in the world of politics. No need for me to go further into that as those of you who follow the news know what I am talking about.

Then we had the unsettling weather and natural disasters from 2019 entering into 2020 .Last but not least the Virus.

Covid 19 named after the year it was discovered. Please keep in mind that the corona virus has always been around but this was a new strain,a more deadly strain that started in China and quickly spread like wildfire to the rest of the world. No one was immune to it.Old and young.Rich or poor ,regardless of your race or ethnicity we were all in this together. I think this is the one time in the history of humanity that the whole planet had something in common ,something that we all shared .

Covid 19 saw many people coming together to help their communities and at the same time Covid 19 broke up many lives by stealing their loved ones from them.

At the en dof the day it is God who is the one who chooses when it is our time to go.However we all have a duty to be responsible to ourselves and to others . Taking extra precautions can save a persons life.

Keep social distancing as much as you can.Avoid going out for unnecessary trips and always wash your hands.

When we were all in lockdown our planet thrived.Pollution was drastically reduced.Animals felt safe to venture further out from their living spaces.The air was cleaner. Sadly it wont remain like that as life slowly starts rumbling back into action.

Many people have benefitted from the virus and many have suffered but whatever the outcome was for you,never forget that you are not alone.There are millions in your prediciment but time does pass and nothing stays the same.

We will all come out stronger in the end with the grace of God.

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