Can your thoughts become reality?

I mentioned previously that I was a healthy person however I was not a happy person.

Happy for myself,if you can understand what I mean by that.I was satisfied. I was happy for my kids.I was happy that they were healthy.Yet I was not happy for Dixy.

They say your thoughts can turn into reality.I believe in that 100%.I used to say to myself what if: What if I get cancer ? Will I be happier? Happier in the sense that will my partner be kinder to me,be more appreciative of me etc etc. I was mentioned this to him..What will you do if I get cancer? His reply was well you will die and we will be upset for about a week then life will move on................

Needless to say I got breast cancer..........Life did change.I was happier and not because anyone changed their behavior towards me for the better,no that did not happen.

I was happier in that I was given another chance to understand what my value is to myself and what I can offer to my loved ones. I was happy that a part of me was removed from me physically and emotionally.I was a new person a better person.

Sometimes it does take something life threatening to make a huge turnaround in your life for the better.Its always about how you handle situations as they rise.They can bring you up or they can tear you down..........Its up to you to decide which way you will go,.

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