Had the most crazy night last night.Decided to sleep with my daughter in her room.She shares her room with her kitten Luna,short for Lunatic!!!!

Let's just say,never again!!

She eats wires,she pushes things to the floor,she runs around like a maniac,she tells to herself all night!!!!

The rest of our cats are fast asleep but no,not Luna.She decides that she will prance around in top of our heads on our faces and everywhere else that she can get her paws into.

My poor Jasmine,no wonder she crashes out midday, after work!

Tonight I will make sure Luna the lunatic gets herself exhausted before my daughter goes to sleep.

As long as my cat Socks keeps away from her in the rest of the house we will be fine.

Socks is another story,she wants to kill Luna..Cat jealousy

God bless my other older cats,Blackie and Snowy,the Persians.All they do is walk around,check things out,eat and go to sleep!

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