Bees ??

Woke up this morning,promising myself I will not work online ,apart from jotting down now and then a few words on my blog.Anyway I was saying,I woke up this morning and went to the ladies room and what do I see there.Well as you can tell by the title,I saw not bees but A bee,one lonely buzzing bee.

Okay it wasn't there when I signed off from the waking world and embarked on the late journey to dreamland.

How did it fly all the way upstairs from the garden?

Its quite hot onside as it is summer so no,we did not leave any windows open.

Point is,the bee is still there and I do NOT want to kill it but how am I going to show it the path to the outside world??

Oh well,lets leave it at there for now.

Over and Out :)

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