When we were young we wanted to grow up really fast.When we get old,we do our best to stay young.

Age .What is that? Does our age define us or do we set our age?

There are people who are 50 years old and act as if they are 70 and there are people who are nearly in their 80s and they have the mind of a 40 year old,sharp and alert.

It is our minds that keep us young and we tend to neglect it in this day and age.

Crossword puzzles,chess and other mind provoking games and reading will help us keep our minds young and of course having a healthy diet as well.

This is about someone whom I admire tremendously.Her name is Gabrielle Dube. She was my teacher in the 80s and she is still my teacher as I am continually learning from her.We were all scared of her as she was really strict.She taught us English and she was a hard master but she knew what she was doing and we all learnt a lot from her.She had the same look as the late Indira Ghandi,the same hairstyle.

She is now 76 years old and is still very active running a school along with her best friend whom I also admire and will talk about her at a later date,Mrs Fatima Mamnoon.

There are youngsters now ,lets say in their 30s and 40s and you hear them complaining about their backs,their knees etc etc.The problem is the lifestyle that we are living now. It has become sedentary ,unlike before the age of the world wide web.

Remember it is not age that defines us. It is we who define our age.

I will be 50 in a few months and I can not believe it.However it is just a double digit. As the cliche goes,you are as old as you feel so work on that powerhouse of yours,the brain and strive to be like these two amazing women.

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